Linux source address selection vs. EUI-64

Roger Jørgensen roger at
Sun Nov 14 12:28:14 CET 2010

On lør, november 13, 2010 21:07, Geert Hendrickx wrote:
> I don't see the problem here since everything is inside one broadcast
> domain,
> no routing involved, and everything within my own /96 is statically
> assigned
> so I don't need a /64 to guarantee uniqueness of addresses.
> Anyway, this thread is diverging from the original question; how can I
> make a
> statically assigned address take preference over an auto-configured
> address on
> a Linux host?

If you really accept doing thing "the wrong way" with IPv6 then feel free
to have problems. Wrong Way is not using /64 on a LAN. There is no real
shortage of adresses even if each customer/VM get a /64 so please ask
the provider todo the right thing:)

About the specific problem, I just tried it here on my LAN, I could route
and use any IP addy on my Linux box and outgoing ssh session would
use the newest IP address no mather what netblock I picked it from.
Sound a bit strange the issue you're having :/
(ubuntu 9.10 with  2.6.31-22-generic)


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