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Martin Millnert martin at
Mon Nov 1 09:10:00 CET 2010


On Mon, November 1, 2010 5:32 am, Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
> OK this is going to sound like a basic question, but what exactly
> does this do?  Does it encapsulate IPv4 VPN traffic inside of IPv6
> packets?  Or does it encapsulate IPv6 VPN traffic inside of IPv4?
> Ted

A short answer is:
"IPv4 VPN traffic inside IPv6" == IPv6 transport
"IPv6 VPN traffic inside IPv4" == IPv6 payload

Now re-read the announcement with this new information. :)

It also aims to bring feature parity to OpenVPN between IPv4 and IPv6,
which means in the case of IPv6 payload, that you can do
Point-to-Multipoint interfaces where, just as in IPv4, the server handles
a pool of links/addresses automagically. Kind-of neat, if you ask me.

A tiny caveat is that the IPv6 payload code right now sits together with
the IPv4 code somehow, so you must configure IPv4 addresses as well, to
get IPv6 addresses working.

But that's a later step, I guess.

I recently configured a simple tunnel using information at - which has a link to Ubuntu debs
that worked fine to install to Debian Lenny and Debian Squeeze.
tun-ipv6 didn't work on a Xen 2.6.18 domU of mine, so something newer than
that is required I suppose, for Linux.

Having tunneled but real IPv6 anywhere rather than not at all is important
to me, so I'm grateful for these patches. :)

Martin Millnert <martin at>

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