DNS Behaviour - Dual Stack Clients

Paul Stewart paul at paulstewart.org
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Ahhh... good then in our case (at least interm)...

Thank you for the clarification..;)


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On 03/18/10 15:55, Paul Stewart wrote:
> Thank you for the reply... so just to clarify further...
> A remote client or name server queries our nameserver (which is only reachable via IPv4).  Our name server replies with A and AAAA records in the lookup.  If the remote client is IPv6 capable will it ignore the AAAA information because it was only able to get the query answered via IPv4?  I believe this is what you're saying - again, just looking to clarify ;)

Um, no, what I'm saying is actually the opposite. How the client
receives the address records has nothing to do with what it does with
them. If the client is IPv6-capable, and receives AAAAs, it will use
them. The client does not even know how the resolving nameserver
retrieved the records, nor could it find out.



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