Tunnel overhead [On killing IPv6 transition mechanisms]

Kurt Jaeger ipv6-ops at c0mplx.org
Wed Mar 17 20:36:03 CET 2010


> "...Network latency is without question on that list....additional 
> client-server latency due to IPv6 being used will quickly add
> up to seconds in terms of overall page load time for a complex web site..."
> That is factually incorrect.  TCP/IP uses sliding windows.


describes the problem: Websites do not provide one large tcp stream,
but many small ones, many of them with multiple tcp connection setups
and teardowns. Those are eating up the latency budget for a snappy

There's a cute tool which allowes one to test it:


"A graphical tool that enables Web content providers to rapidly and
accurately measure client side performance of Web pages."

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