On killing IPv6 transition mechanisms

Pete French pete at twisted.org.uk
Tue Mar 16 16:33:15 CET 2010

> Does anyone have a Mac OS X machine and a 6to4 LAN with SLAAC they can
> use to verify this with?  I'd really appreciate more info on this!

I have a number of them here (the 6to4 is being provided by FreeBSD, not
an airport, but all the clients are OSX). What would you like me to test ?

BTW, I belive there is some kind of issue with how OSX resolves names
with bot an A and an AAAA record. I have a feeling that it makes two
requests, but only uses the one which comes back first or something
along those lines... Certainly I use Ipv6 on OSx all the time for my
work, and one of the annoyances is that an IPv6-only website which was
previously accessible can suddenly vanish as far as Safari is
concered. Quitting the app and disabling-the-reenabling wifi makes it
appear again.


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