On killing IPv6 transition mechanisms

Doug Barton dougb at dougbarton.us
Sun Mar 14 20:58:54 CET 2010

On 03/14/10 12:09, Ivan Shmakov wrote:
>>>>>> Alex Broque <broquea at he.net> writes:
>>>>>> Ivan Shmakov wrote:
>  >> I know the difference.  The problem is that HE.net offers just a few
>  >> /64, and I need somewhat larger address space.  And they don't seem
>  >> to offer reverse DNS, which is available for 6to4.
>  > Just want to clarify some points. We've offered reverse DNS
>  > delegation for the /64 statically routed subnet since at least 2003,
>  > although it was a lot more manual configuration on our side back
>  > then. Then the /48 subnets since early 2008, which ushered in a more
>  > automated process for delegation for both /64 and /48 subnets. And
>  > yes, those are the only subnets that the user gets delegation control
>  > over.
> 	Perhaps I'm confusing the things up now, but I don't remember
> 	seeing reverse DNS being offered at https://tunnelbroker.net/,
> 	and I don't remember seeing /48 without ASN, either.  Anyway,
> 	it's good to know that they are available now.  Thanks.

I've had my tunnel since May 2008, and I can confirm that the /48 was
offered at that time:



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