On killing IPv6 transition mechanisms

Erik Kline ek at google.com
Thu Mar 11 23:41:53 CET 2010

>> I'm interested in what Nick's many gigabits of 6to4 traffic is - what
>> are the apps people are running?   For us, at least for website access,
>> less than 1% of the IPv6 traffic we get is from 6to4 sources.
> But then, people likely to access your site are mainly in NRENs
> where there is native v6. I think the figures for Google v6 would be
> more interesting, but they aren't in Lorenzo's latest talk
> (http://www.apricot2010.net/__data/assets/pdf_file/0007/18997/IPv6-at-Google.pdf)
> However, he did say that their biggest contingent of users is
> from France, and that means 6rd.

Right now, about 0.325% of our users we detect as being IPv6 capable,
58% of which have 6to4.  Those 6to4 users have, at varying times,
experienced an /average/ of 50-150msec extra latency.

This is why we have the whitelisting stuff.

As Lorenzo has said, in response to the claim "There's nothing wrong
with perfectly working 6to4!":  "Yeah, but there's nothing right about
it either."

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