On 6to4 gateway and recommended MTU setting

Rickman, Phil phrickman at upcbroadband.com
Thu Mar 11 18:48:55 CET 2010

You cant go full native without massive application incompatibility
Embedded IPv4 addresses etc ... with only 5% of "potential" content available for standard users let alone IP based VPN clients, RDP, the list is endless of what breaks when you leave dual stack.  You also have issues with bi-directional routing, DR & LI, DNS64 preferences .....

And Holger is right 6rd has the same its own personal problems.

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> The better question is actually: why bother with 6to4?
> Yes, it is a nice quick deployment strategy, but for anything long term,
> go native... (or at least native addresses using 6rd or something).
But with 6rd you will end up in the same discussion.


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