On 6to4 gateway and recommended MTU setting

Martin Millnert martin at millnert.se
Thu Mar 11 13:26:47 CET 2010

On Thu, 2010-03-11 at 12:58 +0100, Jeroen Massar wrote:
> The better question is actually: why bother with 6to4?

I think you missed in what light I posed the question.  I'm asking as a
provider of a relay. We announce it to other networks and they use it.
The "please kill 6to4"-thing is... within the other thread.

> Yes, it is a nice quick deployment strategy, but for anything long term,
> go native... (or at least native addresses using 6rd or something).

As for our own end-users, barring crappy WLAN APs with built-in stupid
NAT, nice and neat native IPv6 have been available for some 8 years now.

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