different content

Bernhard Schmidt berni at birkenwald.de
Thu Mar 11 11:19:33 CET 2010

On 11.03.2010 09:58, Thomas Schäfer wrote:


> by feeding http://sixy.ch with sites I am confused about a lot of sites,
> where ipv6 is enabled, but wrong.
> e.g. www.charliechaplin.com
> I made a simple ticket to the hoster.
> www.charliechaplin.com
> has different content
> via ipv4-->  ok
> via ipv6-->" Site en construction"

This sounds vaguely familiar. http://www.apo-snow.com has the same 
problem since at least three months. I've never managed to get an answer 
from either AMEN or the customer itself.

Does anyone know someone at AMEN?


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