IPv6 black lists?

Benedikt Stockebrand me at benedikt-stockebrand.de
Wed Mar 10 16:53:45 CET 2010

Hi Gert and list,

Gert Doering <gert at space.net> writes:

>> If spammers were seriously interested in disabling address-based
>> blacklists by flooding them, then a bitmap is the most resilient data
>> structure.  With IPv4 that's feasible, with IPv6 it isn't.
> Sure.  Which just emphasizes the point that you want to fall-up from
> "individual hosts in a /64" to "the whole /64" to "the whole /56"
> and so on, up to /32, as soon as a given threshold inside the /x
> is exceeded.

that's still too simple: If you are a hoster, then a single hijacked
machine from a single customer will have all your other customers
quickly blacklisted as well.

IMHO blacklisting IPv6 addresses is pretty much a hopeless effort.

> Or make people and vendors liable for the damage they cause with
> their PCs.

Make it a law -- and one internationally established and enforced:-)

Until then: Stop offering flatrates (not Spacenet, but all ISPs).  As
soon as people have to pay for the spam their machines "accidentially"
send out the'll be slightly more careful about securing their boxes.

Not that I have too much confidence in any of these approaches...



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