IPv6 black lists?

Marco d'Itri md at Linux.IT
Wed Mar 10 01:37:12 CET 2010

On Mar 10, Dave Taht <d at teklibre.org> wrote:

> So this translates out to 2^16*5 = 327680 detected spams to get  
> completely blocked for someone that gets a /48 allocation from some  
> tunneling provider or another. While I suppose the virbl method will  
> work for random zombie machines which can't change their ip addresses,  
> it's not going to slow down a dedicated abuser all that much.
Like it happens for IPv4, I expect that different DNSBLs (or their
components) will adopt different approaches at complimentary upgrades
of listings depending on what kind of sources they target.

> I tend to think that changing the relevant RFC (sorry, can't remember  
> which one) for exchanging email to require a valid certificate for email  
> exchanged over ipv6 would be more effective in that case.
This is clearly a FUSSP, one of the main botnets already uses TLS.


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