D-Link to support DHCPv6-PD soon

nick hatch nicholas.hatch at gmail.com
Tue Mar 2 20:37:14 CET 2010

On Tue, Mar 2, 2010 at 11:19 AM, Ted Mittelstaedt <tedm at ipinc.net> wrote:

> For example, the D-link DIR-655 firmware proudly proclaims itself
> "bittorrent certified"
> What the hell is that?  Who but some gamer gives a fig about that?
> To me that merely means that the gamer running bittorrent only has
> to power-cycle his router every day instead of every hour - but he's
> still not going to blink an eye on having to power-cycle his router
> at all.

IIRC, the problem with Bittorrent on the first Linux based routers (Linksys
WRT54G, for example), was that the timeout for a particular NAT table was
set too high, and could be exhausted with a high rate of TCP connection
turnover. DD-WRT et al provided better sane defaults, and gave users access
to the right knobs to prevent this problem.

If I were an engineer at D-link observing this situation, I'd be proud of
fixing the problem in a stock configuration, and might even whisper to the
marketing department too... Silly, yes. But it makes a bit of sense.

Why you're conflating Bittorrent traffic with gamers, I don't know. However,
having lived with gamers, I can tell you that they most certainly care about
such things (latency, reliability) more than other users. If my torrent
traffic impeded a marathon gaming session and caused connections to drop, I
have no doubt that I'd soon know what an aluminum baseball bat sounds like
bouncing off a steel computer case.

ObIPv6 question: Anyone know if other third party firmwares have IPv6 plans
in the works, eg the Tomato firmware? DD-WRT is great, but for "normal
users", I find Tomato a great drop in replacement for situations where a
friend needs a hand, and I never want to touch the equipment ever again.

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