Looking for DNS/Operational experience

Alan Batie alan.batie at peakinternet.com
Wed Jun 16 03:34:49 CEST 2010

On 5/7/09 9:28 PM, Steve Bertrand wrote:

> It would also be fantastic if some of the persons who have extensive
> operational experience could speak up and share:
> - the size of space received
> - their number of clients and/or peers
> - how they carved up their space
> - why they carved it up that way
> - what made them cut the space on specific boundaries

I'm at this point myself; we (an ISP) have a /32 that we're starting to
move from prototype to operational, and I'm specifically trying to iron
out the reverse dns zones.  I've never really understood why a zone
would be different from a domain until now, but I'm thinking about
putting zones at word boundaries, as doing them for every nibble seems
overkill and add excessive queries.  For now at least, word boundaries
seem an optimal boundary between recursive queries and managing the
zone; this will probably change as deployment ramps up.

I'm open to education and "better practice" recommendations though...

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