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Thu Jun 10 15:51:45 CEST 2010

Hi Gert and list,

Gert Doering <gert at> writes:

>  - our SLAs (which is an interesting topic in itself) don't
>    specifically mention IPv4 or IPv6,

Spacenet has a couple years worth of a headstart with regard to IPv6.

With Internet you can get IPv6 to your root server if
you just ask, but it's unofficial and to my knowledge not covered by
any SLAs.  Strato advertises IPv6 but as far as I know they also tag
it as an "experimental" feature or whatever---but you know them better
than I do.

>    so if a customer's link is broken for IPv6 due to a problem in
>    our domain ("misconfigured router"), that customer could point to
>    the SLAs.

It's not only misconfiguration, but possibly also incomplete, unstable
or inefficient implementations and the like.

>    That hasn't happened yet, because usually the link is broken due
>    to "copper wires cut", which is fairly protocol agnostic :-)

Not to mention my long term personal favourite: Lightning strikes.

I agree that the problems we have with the last mile are far more
troublesome than any IPv4 vs. IPv6 issues.  Unfortunately they involve
significantly more money and politics than the move towards IPv6, so
there's not much we can do about them (except going into politics or
making money fast).



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