ARIN's new whois -- Coming Improvements to ARIN's Whois DirectoryService

Mirjam Kuehne mir at
Tue Jun 8 12:44:08 CEST 2010

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the suggestion. The RIPE NCC has also implemented a database 
API in the form of a RESTful Web Service. You can find a description on 
RIPE Labs:

Introduction to the RIPE Database API:

We are working to integrate other sources into this service. Currently 
you can query for data originated in the APNIC and the AfriNIC database. 
We are now also looking to integrate data with source ARIN. Because of 
the different data formats this is not that trivial, but we will be 
working with the engineers at ARIN to find a solution.

Kind Regards,
Mirjam Kühne

P.S.: In addition to the announcement above, we published a number of 
follow-ups after that:

RIPE Database Query API Including Search:

RIPE Database Query API Update:

Updates to the RIPE Database Query API and Search Clients:

michael.dillon at wrote:
> I don't know how widely ARIN distributes these notices, but for anyone
> interested in improving the whois system, there are a couple of URLs
> here where you can try ARIN's new whois and read some documentation
> about it. It would be interesting for RIPE labs to deploy a trial whois
> server that matches the ARIN spec to see if WHOIS-RWS is easily
> adaptable outside of ARIN or not.
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> ARIN is pleased to announce that it plans to deploy an improved Whois 
> service called Whois-RWS on 26 June 2010. Included in the deployment are
> the following services that provide the general public with access to 
> ARIN's registration data.
>     * a RESTful Web Service (RWS)
>     * a NICNAME/WHOIS port 43 service
>     * a user-friendly web site (
> A demo of this service has been available since October 2009. The 
> demonstration service will be available at 
> until the production service is deployed 
> on 26 June 2010.
> When using Whois-RWS you will notice some differences in behavior for 
> certain queries and corresponding result sets on the NICNAME/WHOIS port 
> 43 service. ARIN will make a separate announcement on 11 June when it 
> publishes detailed documentation on these differences along with the 
> demonstration service update.
> ARIN continues to welcome community participation on the Whois-RWS 
> mailing list, and we invite you to subscribe and share your thoughts and
> suggestions at: 
> More detailed information on these changes and other future features 
> that may impact the community at ARIN is available at:
> Regards,
> Mark Kosters
> Chief Technical Officer
> American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)
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