Mysterious missing DHCPv6 feature, was Re: How does one obtain an IPv6 DNS server when VPNing to an ASA?

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Tue Jun 1 16:39:42 CEST 2010

Hi Florian and list,

Florian Weimer <fw at> writes:

> * Benedikt Stockebrand:
>> I disagree here.  From what I've seen so far the key problem with
>> regard to IPv6 is that a lot of people try to make IPv6 an "IPv4 with
>> larger addresses", preserving all the workarounds they have come to
>> get used to.  "We've always used DHCP", "I want my NAT back", "I've
>> always written IP addresses in decimal", "There can't be multiple
>> default routes in a routing table" and so on.
> On the other hand, increased familiarity helps to cut down training
> and documentation costs, and generally makes things easier to run.

true, but you have to find an individual balance between those costs
and actually improving things.  We have kept a number of things
untouched when moving from IPv4 to IPv6, but they largely go unnoticed
exactly because they haven't changed.



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