So why is "IPv4 with longer addresses" a problem anyway?

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On Mon, 31 May 2010, Tosolini, Luca wrote:

> an interesting proposal is to convey the default-router in DHCP only; 
> thus making RA less of a requirement:

Maybe, except informing clients to use DHCPv6 ;-)

> Luca.
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> Subject: Re: So why is "IPv4 with longer addresses" a problem anyway?
>> one final point.
>> I am curious how you wish to dynamic assign 2,000 clients, for an examples,
>> gateways if DHCPv6 does not support it?
> Yes, I think the point here is "Make DHCPv6 support it" , folk should have
> the choice to use the lightweight, insecure RA or not.
> You keep mentioning "suppression" with regards to RA and confusing it with
> some form of security, I think Nick is alluding to the ability of parties to
> inject rogue RA into a network and for it to be accepted, one possible
> solution to this is
> <> which has yet to
> be implemented in mainstream equipment.
> Dave.

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