OpenVPN IPv6 payload patch

Martin List-Petersen martin at
Tue Jan 19 00:48:10 CET 2010

> Additionally I have built Debian/Ubuntu binary packages (no guarantees
> whatsoever) which are available on my Launchpad PPA at
> . They say Ubuntu
> Intrepid/Karmic but run on Debian Lenny just fine. They are however
> based on the Debian OpenVPN package from testing (which also includes
> jjo's IPv6 transport patch), so they might introduce additional bugs not
> present in the stable series. Use at your own risk.

I've tested this with a Debian server (lenny) and Ubuntu client (Karmic)
and it works out of the box.


One thing, and I guess this requires modifications in
network-manager-openvpn: It also works, BUT ignores "push
route-ipv6-gateway" and "push route-ipv6 ...." (obviously routes pushed
from the server) entirely.

The ipv6 address will however be configured without glitch.

Kind regards,
Martin List-Petersen

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