failing over better with multiple prefixes?

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Thu Feb 25 09:44:43 CET 2010

> >> Q1) Is there a "best (and cheap) way" to get a dedicated, 
> independent
> >> IPv6 address space and BGP AS number that people are 
> willing to route?
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> > I don't know, but...
> >
> >    
> >> Note that I am in the third world
> >>      
> > ... you'd best ask around locally.
> >    
> Have. The one ISP that had a bit of a clue (, 
> who ran out cable internet to great success about 1 1/2 years 
> ago due to hugely frustrated demand to most of the larger 
> cities) got themselves bought by the local cell phone company 
> (claro) and seem to have run off all the tech folk.

Nevertheless, LACNIC is the only place that you can get
an AS number. You can get IPv6 addresses only from LACNIC
or your upstream ISP. Talk to Juan Carlos Alonso at LACNIC
juancarlos at about the Nicaraguan situation. There
are already 4 IPv6 allocations in the country but there is
no IPv6 task force in Nicaragua or the 3 neighboring 
countries. has more about the 
IPv6 task force in Latin America.

> It doesn't help that my technical Spanish isn't the best, 
> either. I'm sure there is someone out there that groks ipv6 
> and has fiber in Managua...

Read some RFCs. Here is one about BGP-4 in Spanish

And Wikipedia

Newsletter from ISOC Argentina

I'm afraid there are no easy solutions, but it sounds like if you manage
to get something together in your area, there are business opportunities
in Costa Rica as well.

--Michael Dillon

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