IPv6 capable anti virus/spam/... filter boxes for mail, web, ftp, IM, ...

Weber, Markus fvd at de.kpn-eurorings.net
Wed Dec 8 14:42:02 CET 2010

Has anyone experience or recommendations for IPv6 capable and decent
software / (virtual/hardware) appliances handling mail, web, ftp, ...
over IPv6?

A lot of vendors don't even mention IPv6 and before testing all of
them to see if they really do IPv6 ...

Thanks, Markus

PS: Ok, ClamAV with Squid and Postfix might be something, but it's
    probably easier to get the money for something than the time ...

PS: ScreenOS's limited AV stuff doesn't work on IPv6.
    TrendMicro said, maybe one of their appliances will do end of 2011 
    as test.
    Symantec seems to interested, but their latest beta has nothing on
    IPv6 ...

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