Thoughts about ipv6 white listing

Tore Anderson tore.anderson at
Sat Dec 4 20:39:13 CET 2010

* Brian E Carpenter

> Except that it's encouraging the wrong solution (turn off IPv6
> and 6to4 at the subscriber end if they don't work).
> The right solution is: make them work, which is mainly the
> responsibility of the ISPs at the content provider end.


The reason why 6to4 isn't working isn't at the content provider end.
If the content providers could flip a magic switch to make 6to4 work
reliably, we'd done it a long time ago.  But when the access network is
filtering protocol 41, for instance, what else can we tell the affected
end users to do, except to turn off 6to4 or IPv6?

Perhaps you will find these links enlightening:

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