Thoughts about ipv6 white listing

Tore Anderson tore.anderson at
Sat Dec 4 20:11:05 CET 2010

* Gert Doering

> Yes, this is an especially nasty one - and there is not much a
> content provider can do about it except "just break them and hope the
> user will replace their router" or "wait another 10 years until the
> boxes have died from old age".  This firmware bug is supposedly fixed
> since about 5 years (folks from told me), but these devices
> last a while...

Yeah, our approach will be to break them.  Trying to get every affected
user to upgrade their firmware image in advance is a complete waste of
time - I've tried to tell that to the D-Link users that actually got in
touch with me (which are probably not many out of everyone affected) and
have had 0% success.

In any case, until we get enough content out there so that breakage is
immediately obvious to anyone, new bugs will keep showing up.  For
example, the recent Linksys E3000 will under certain circumstances
number the hosts on the LAN out 2001:db8::/32.  (That bug looks likely
to get fixed, fortunately.)

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