IPv6 DNS server addresses on WinXP

Jeroen Massar jeroen at unfix.org
Tue May 26 22:45:57 CEST 2009

Kevin Loch wrote:
> Jeroen Massar wrote:
>> Steven Lisson wrote:
>> The latter is logical though:
>>    Windows XP's DNS resolver does not support DNS queries over IPv6.
>> (IPv6 transport that is, it does do AAAA queries)
>> Complain to Microsoft for that.... (they will most likely tell you to
>> upgrade to Windows 7 now though...)
> There used to be a draft for DNS autodiscovery that specified those
> addresses.  I used to see frequent DNS queries to those IPs when
> I ran a 6to4 relay.  As a courtesy I added them to my relay and
> ran a DNS resolver on them.  I'm not sure if it was WinXP but
> something was doing DNS queries over IPv6 to those addresses.

Yeah, the DNS auto-discovery prolly has to do with it. Which is a draft
to solve the "we use just RA, but where do we get our DNS servers from".
(I am still in favor of a well known prefix for a 'local dns cache')

Prolly Vista/Win7 then, as the XP + 2000 + NT4 stacks never supported
DNS over IPv6 transport.

Effectively you should never ever see fec0::/10 as that was once
site-local and has been deprecated, site-local was never intended to be
routed (one of those reasons for only routing 2000::/3 on some boxes).


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