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Martin List-Petersen martin at
Sat May 16 12:15:10 CEST 2009

Jay Hennigan wrote:
> Martin List-Petersen wrote:
>> There are a few more. m0n0wall will run on pretty much any x86 based
>> platform and you can configure IPv6 via GUI, it does 6to4, native, 6in4
>> and SixXS dynamic tunnels, not ayiya, too.
>> OpenWRT and DD-WRT (haven't looked at them lately) offer IPv6, but no
>> GUI configuration for it.
> Do they support V6DHCP?

If you install a dhcp-v6 on there, sure.

>> There are certain exception releases of routers that do, like the D-Link
>> DIR-615 rev: C1 (and yes, it's not in rev B or rev D)
> Same question.

No. This box does route advertisements only, I believe.

>> The Apple Airport Xtreme does it .. again .. that's the $80+ range and
>> well, as of recent the lab firmware for the AVM Fritz! routers, but they
>> are well over $80+
> Are you sure the Apple Airport supports native?  I'm aware that it does
> tunnels, also same question for V6DHCP.

I was tempted to buy one recently to check out what exactly is
supported. I might still do that :)

> We're providing a V6DHCP /56 to home DSL users, and the only CPE that
> supports dual-stack with V6DHCP I've found is the Cisco 8XX series.  Not
> really practical for the masses.

Well, DHCPv6 is not very common yet. Most routers will do
route-advertisements. We even got Mikrotik to support the advertisement
of nameservers via rdnssd, which actually also make that a fully usually
auto-configuration then.

I spoke to AVM at CeBIT, and they are planning on doing DHCPv6 for the
Fritz! box family, but it's not in there yet. Currently it's
route-advertisements only.

Also be aware, that you can't use DHCPv6 only. You need
route-advertisements, too, because DHCPv6 doesn't set a default gateway.

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