Question about 6to4

Jay Hennigan jay at
Fri May 15 22:20:02 CEST 2009

Martin List-Petersen wrote:

> There are a few more. m0n0wall will run on pretty much any x86 based
> platform and you can configure IPv6 via GUI, it does 6to4, native, 6in4
> and SixXS dynamic tunnels, not ayiya, too.
> OpenWRT and DD-WRT (haven't looked at them lately) offer IPv6, but no
> GUI configuration for it.

Do they support V6DHCP?

> There are certain exception releases of routers that do, like the D-Link
> DIR-615 rev: C1 (and yes, it's not in rev B or rev D)

Same question.

> The Apple Airport Xtreme does it .. again .. that's the $80+ range and
> well, as of recent the lab firmware for the AVM Fritz! routers, but they
> are well over $80+

Are you sure the Apple Airport supports native?  I'm aware that it does 
tunnels, also same question for V6DHCP.

We're providing a V6DHCP /56 to home DSL users, and the only CPE that 
supports dual-stack with V6DHCP I've found is the Cisco 8XX series.  Not 
really practical for the masses.

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