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> >OpenWRT and DD-WRT (haven't looked at them lately) offer 
> IPv6, but no 
> >GUI configuration for it.
> DD-WRT dumped IPv6 support years ago (after v22; current is 
> v24), citing lack of space

Only in the micro loads.  DD-wrt started out on the Linksys WRT54G
routers and over the years as sales volume of these units increased,
very minor cost-cutting measures became able to yield major amounts
of money.  One of these was cutting the amount of flash in the router
from 4MB to 2MB, all newer 54G routers past version 7 I think, have
the smaller amount of flash.

In response to this dd-wrt released the micro load of firmware which
not only dropped the IPv6 module, it dropped basic commands like ls

Linksys then proceeded to release a version of the 54G with model # of
wrt54GL  (trailing L) that retained the 4MB of flash, this was aimed
at dd-wrt users.  While it doesn't cost more, it is never sold through
retail so your never going to see it discounted with an on-sale price
like you see the 54G on sale from time to time.


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