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> Martin List-Petersen wrote:
> > So. We'll have to push the vendors to fix that gap and ask over and 
> > over and over again for IPv6 support. Eventually, they will listen.
> It seems to me we're at the egg phase of the chicken problem. 
>  At the moment, the only "reason" for a residential customer 
> to adopt ipv6 is because it's cool and geeky.  There's not 
> much they can actually do with it (even google's site breaks 
> when you have a custom home page there, and you don't stay in 
> v6 land long when you use it).  The linksys GL with ddwrt 
> isn't a bad solution for the early adopter phase we're in, 
> and once enough of those are on board you demonstrate a 
> market for the vendors to get on board.

Most early residential adopters are going to have a few extra
PC's sitting around that they can run FreeBSD or Linux on, which
make far more flexible IPv6 routers.

The hardware routers AKA Buffalo, Linksys, etc. are mainly useful
when your dropping a router at a residence where the residents don't
know jack about networking and don't want to know about it.  That's
why the necessity is for something that's corporate-standardized and


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