IPv6 End User Assignments

Martin List-Petersen martin at airwire.ie
Sat May 9 14:29:07 CEST 2009

michael.dillon at bt.com wrote:
> And, as the policy states, these are only guidelines.
> Some ISPs will need to assign a /47 or /46 per customer because their
> business model requires it. Maybe they specialise in connecting hotels
> who have a complex subnet plan to accomodate guest wifi subnets, room TV
> subnets, room telephony subnets, maid subnets per trolley, management
> subnets per section of each floor, banquet room subnets, conference
> subnets per kiosk, kitchen subnets, staff network subnets, bar wifi
> subnet, restaurant staff subnets, and lord knows what else. ARIN cannot
> dictate one size fits all, because increasingly, the ISP business is
> diversifying and there are all kinds of strange things out there.

If you want to assign anything larger than a /48 to one location  you
will have to discuss that with RIPE and obtain their permission. And to
my knowledge, this case has not been made yet. Mind you, an end-user can
have multiple /48's, as long as they are on different locations.

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