Domain Registrar recommendation

Steve Bertrand steve at
Fri May 1 22:28:44 CEST 2009

Tim wrote:
>> Regarding issues, are you saying that you have experienced some of the
>> problems that I originally was enquiring about, ie. GoDaddy disabling
>> your domain for no apparent reason?
> I've just heard lots of bad things about them, directly related to the
> issues you mentioned.
>> My current domain is generally only used for email for myself and
>> family, but given that I belong to ~30 mailing lists and is my primary
>> source of personal email communication (~1k messages a day), it would
>> not be good if it went down, even for a short time.
> I'm basically in the same situation.
>> The ISP I work for hosts ~400 domains, almost all of them are registered
>> through OpenSRS. My experience with them has been very good, and my
>> understanding is that they are in the process of rolling out IPv6 glue
>> ability at this time, and can manually do it for "critical" domains[1]
>> if a ticket is opened. I don't consider my domain to be 'critical', so
>> I'm holding off migrating my domain under the work account at OpenSRS.
> That's good to know.  I ran across, which supposedly
> supports v6 glue, but I'd love to hear others' experiences with them
> before trying them out.

Well, it appears as though I am out of luck. I should of read the fine
print ;)

All of my domains are .ca. Although CIRA is capable of handling IPv6
records, it doesn't appear as though ANY registrars are able to
accommodate IPv6 for .ca domains :(


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