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Steve Bertrand steve at
Fri May 1 19:35:33 CEST 2009

Tim wrote:
> I've been shopping for a cheap personal registrar as well and have
> some of the same issues with GoDaddy.

Regarding issues, are you saying that you have experienced some of the
problems that I originally was enquiring about, ie. GoDaddy disabling
your domain for no apparent reason?

I'm going to enable the domains I have registered there now (after I get
my zones set up), but I am extremely hesitant about migrating my
existing domain until I can get more details/feedback from others.

My current domain is generally only used for email for myself and
family, but given that I belong to ~30 mailing lists and is my primary
source of personal email communication (~1k messages a day), it would
not be good if it went down, even for a short time.

>> I use domainsite and am rolling out my sites over v6. 
> Do they allow you to set v6 glue records?  What is the process?  Can
> it be done through a web interface or does it require a support
> ticket?

The ISP I work for hosts ~400 domains, almost all of them are registered
through OpenSRS. My experience with them has been very good, and my
understanding is that they are in the process of rolling out IPv6 glue
ability at this time, and can manually do it for "critical" domains[1]
if a ticket is opened. I don't consider my domain to be 'critical', so
I'm holding off migrating my domain under the work account at OpenSRS.


[1] -

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