IPv6 net diagnostic tools - pointers please

Dean Pemberton dean at deanpemberton.com
Tue Feb 3 21:17:52 CET 2009

Don't forget tracepath6 for finding those MTU change points.


Phil Pennock wrote:
> Anyone have any pointers for network diagnostic tools which are useful
> for IPv6, please?
> Obviously, ping6 and traceroute6; and I know mtr supports IPv6.
> Things like traceroutes which support AS, equivalents to lft(8) so that
> you can trace at a higher layer, etc.
> Currently I'm trying to track down problems talking to
> ns-nl1.globnix.net (IPv6-only DNS NS host) over UDP from various places.
> I now know that the problems are not on my end, since at least one
> remote site which was having problems can query over IPv6 UDP now.
> If this doesn't work:
>   dig +norec -t soa globnix.net @ns-nl1.globnix.net
> but this does:
>   dig +tcp +norec -t soa globnix.net @ns-nl1.globnix.net
> then that's an example of the sort of thing I'm encountering and it
> would be pleasant to have some more advanced tools to probe for, eg,
> network blockage of 53/udp6.  (Besides dig + tcpdump on my end).
> Thanks,
> -Phil

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