Biggest mistake for IPv6: It's not backwards compatible, developers admit

Mohacsi Janos mohacsi at
Wed Apr 1 11:03:52 CEST 2009

On Tue, 31 Mar 2009, Pierfrancesco Caci wrote:

> On Tue, Mar 31, 2009 at 16:52, Mohacsi Janos <mohacsi at> wrote:
>> okay it seems to me, that shim6 is a good candidate for your problem with
>> some extension allowing specifing amount of outgoing traffic going on
>> paralel links.
> And incoming. Eyeball-prevalent networks will need to do more TE on
> the incoming traffic. You can't always expect the other side to be
> fully cooperative, unfortunately.

This is a contractual or administrative issue. If your provider wants you 
you as a customer, they have to serve you: provide knobs to able to tune 
your traffic patterns.

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> Pierfrancesco Caci, ik5pvx

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