Juniper EX and IPv6

Dave Diller dave at
Fri Nov 7 23:25:02 CET 2008

> Juniper EX-switches (when in L2 mode) don't forward IPv6 frames by  
> default. DUH!

What version of code was this?  It seems to work for me as is with  
trunked ports, on 9.2R1.10.

I've got an EX in the lab, with a GE trunked to each of two T-series.   
I just put an IPv6 address on the router subinterfaces and was able to  
ping across after the ~10 second neighbor discovery process.  I don't  
remember intentionally configuring anything to "enable" passing v6  
through the box since I wasn't aware of this until now.

EX interfaces are plain vanilla:

     ge-0/0/1 {
         mtu 9216;
         unit 0 {
             family ethernet-switching {
                 port-mode trunk;
                 vlan {
                     members [ 55 66 ];


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