Connectivity issues and packet inspection

Steve Bertrand steve at
Thu Jun 19 02:23:11 CEST 2008

Erik Kline wrote:

> Possibly a configuration issue on the client?  I should think that ::5
> should have been able to tell that ::b6 was on-net and used regular ND
> to find it, rather than sending the ping to the router.  Is there any
> config data for the (non-router) box?

Well, for this portion of my inquiry, the ::5 is unfortunately a Windows 
XP machine, and I have no idea how to garner information about it.

The connectivity has worked fine for months, and still does. I have no 
idea if this has been the way it has operated since inception or not 
(the lookup via the router).

I just noticed this happening today as I was monitoring tcpdump for the 
other issue...

::5 is my client workstation, and ::b6 is my SSL IMAP box. I'm pretty 
confident that it should just find each other directly, but perhaps 
Windows isn't doing the right thing. I have this:

--- xp ::5 -- cat2900 -- cat2900 -- fbsd ::b6 --
		rtr ::1

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