IPv6 blocks for micro-allocation

Daniel Roesen dr at cluenet.de
Wed Jun 4 00:07:29 CEST 2008

On Tue, Jun 03, 2008 at 03:41:03PM -0400, Joe Abley wrote:
> ... and note that RIPE's security model is only strong (which is an  
> overstatement, really, but everything's relative) for routes covered  
> by aggregate assignments direct to the RIPE NCC by the IANA.
> Anybody can register a route6 object taken from ARIN/APNIC/AfriNIC/ 
> LACNIC space in the RIPE DB with next to no checks and balances.

Yes, and to the unwashed little operator like me, it is completely
beyond me, why there isn't a hierarchic authentication and authorization
scheme, with IANA holding the toplevel "maintainer" objects for
inet(6)nums and route(6) objects (and others).

Almost all RIRs have adopted the RIPE DB software, only(?) ARIN still
using some vintage system, not tying IRR data to IP space registration

Must be some kind of Not Invented Here syndrome...

Or I must be overlooking something...

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