IPv6 blocks for micro-allocation

kura at iij.ad.jp kura at iij.ad.jp
Tue Jun 3 11:06:01 CEST 2008

Hello all,

I'd like to create a complete list of IPv6 blocks for micro-allocation,
in order to maintain our BGP filter properly.

Currently I have the following information.

RIR       block                 range
APNIC     2001:7fa::/32         /48-/64?   IXP (old)
          2001:dc0::/27         /48-/48?   critical infrastructure
          2001:de8::/29         /46-/48?   IXP
          2001:df0::/29         /40-/48?   PI
          2001:df8::/29         /48-/48?   temporary

ARIN      2001:500::/30         /45-/48?   critical infrastructure
          2001:504::/31         /48-/48    IXP
          2001:506::/31         /45-/48    internal infrastructure
          2620::/23             /40-/48    PI

RIPE      2001:678::/29         /48-/48    anycasting TLD nameserver
          2001:7f8::/32         /48-/64?   IXP

LACNIC    2001:13c7:6000::/36   /40-/48?   IXP
          2001:13c7:7000::/36   /40-/48?   critical infrastructure

AfriNIC   2001:43f8::/29        /40-/48?   PI

I appreciate much if you update/correct the above list with your

Best regards,
Tomohiko Kurahashi <kura at iij.ad.jp>
Internet Initiative Japan Inc.

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