IPv6 deployment problems over Redback and DSL

Antonio Querubin tony at lava.net
Sat Jan 19 12:04:55 CET 2008

On Thu, 17 Jan 2008, Dan White wrote:

> I had a similar problem, with IPv6 multicast not getting passed, due to the 
> modem. I could create static ND entries on both hosts and pass IPv6 traffic 
> between them, but ND itself was not getting passed.
> The "FilterIPv6Multicast 'false'" setting was not being honored. The most 
> recent firmware (7402GTM_v506f1) for the modem corrected the problem for me.

The problem was isolated to the DSL modem (Westell model C90-36R516-01). 
There are no firmware updates available for such an old device but I 
borrowed a batch of other modem models from our boneyard and was able to 
get IPv6 working.  SpeedStream 5667 and Westell 6100 are 2 models that 
worked out ok.

Antonio Querubin
whois:  AQ7-ARIN

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