[Fwd: [dns-operations] AAAA records to be added for root servers]

David Conrad david.conrad at icann.org
Thu Jan 3 23:27:05 CET 2008


It would be preferable that if ISI were to request IPv6 addressing for the
"B" root server that the address space be registered to ISI.


On 1/3/08 2:09 PM, "bmanning at vacation.karoshi.com"
<bmanning at vacation.karoshi.com> wrote:

> On Thu, Jan 03, 2008 at 09:48:44PM +0100, Bernhard Schmidt wrote:
>> Hi Bill,
>>> given that:
>>> ) there is a formal report from RSSAC/SSAC showing
>>>  no ill effects
>>> ) IANA has agreed to accept four root AAAA records
>>> and most important...
>>> ) a client requesting we provide the service
>>> you should find 2001:478:65::53 is reachable and responsive
>> Yes, seems to work fine.
> glad you find it so.
>> Are there any plans to move b.root IPv6 into
>> "critical infrastructure" address space before listing them in the root?
>> The rootservers are after all the only DNS infrastructure which require
>> stable adressing.
> any renumbering plans will be announced well in advance
> of the event.
> i'm not sure i agree with you about stable addressing.
> --bill
>> Bernhard

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