Pekka Savola pekkas at netcore.fi
Mon Feb 11 15:36:01 CET 2008


It seems APNIC is making a lot of reservations for v6 portable (/48) 
allocations in various blocks, see here:


These are being reserved under 2400::/12 and at have already been 
allocated (and routed) under 2001:0C00::/23 (e.g., prefixes 
2001:dd8::/48, 2001:df0:[234]::/48 that show 60-80% penetration in 
Sixxs DFP [1])

Time to go find your swamp boots.


Btw, it may be worth noting that F-root is advertising a covering /47 
(only 80% penetration) in addition to /48. The /47 isn't legit per 
Gert's strict filters.

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