IPv6 QoS and Traffic Shaping

Bernhard Schmidt berni at birkenwald.de
Fri Aug 29 14:14:31 CEST 2008


> I've searched in google for some articles that explains how to implement
> QoS and Traffic Shaping policies with linux but I can only find
> information about cisco systems implementations and theoretical
> informations about mechanisms.
> How can I apply a simple shaping rule to a IPv6 flow and classify the
> traffic to achieve QoS in IPv6 like is done with tc tool to IPv4?
> I just need some hints to get in track to start to understand the
> similarities and differences between IPv4 and IPv6 QoS/TS mechanisms and
> settings with GNU tools.

It's the same, but apparently you cannot use the ip6tables CLASSIFY
target and probably not fwmark as well, but the u32 match.

I use the following tc filters to put 6to4 traffic into special queues.

# 6to4, TCP-ACK (0x10), <= 256 Bytes IPv6 Payload
/sbin/tc filter add dev eth0 protocol ipv6 parent 1:0 pref 1 u32 match
ip6 dst 2002::/16 match u32 0x00000600 0xff00ff00 at 4 match u8 0x10
0xff at 53 flowid 1:2004

# 6to4, TCP
/sbin/tc filter add dev eth0 protocol ipv6 parent 1:0 pref 2 u32 match
ip6 dst 2002::/16 match ip6 protocol 6 0xff flowid 1:2003

especially the first one was more trial-and-error though :-\


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