ipv6 load balancers

Mohacsi Janos mohacsi at niif.hu
Wed Apr 30 16:13:31 CEST 2008

  	Have a look at *BSD pf for loadbalancing. Currently we are using 
for more than a year now a neat feature of *BSD called address pool with 
load-balancing outgoing traffic - working with IPv6 out of the box. The 
dead service checkingis done by nagios + custom scripts. For more 


In the near future we will migrate our load-balacing system to relayd 
with FreeBSD:


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On Wed, 30 Apr 2008, Ross West wrote:

> I'm curious to find out what people are using (if anything) these days
> to provide basic style load balancing options for IPv6 services.
> Basically so far what I'm seeing is that most stuff out there is
> beta if it exists at all, and wondering if I've missed anything.
> (I'm discounting plain reverse-NAT style translation, since it doesn't do any
> dead-host/service checking.)
> Thanks,
>  Ross.
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