getting DNS config to clients

Kim Hawtin kim at
Fri Apr 18 03:29:20 CEST 2008

>> kim at wrote:
>>> I've been researching how we get the IPs of our DNS servers to our
>>> clients
>>> dynamically.
>>> So far we've looked at config RADVD and DHCPv6 on Linux ...
>>> What are the accepted/widely used 'standard' ways of setting up
>>> clients?
>>> Particularly clients that frequently move between differnt networks.
>> Depends completely on your environment and what you are used to.
> Two different areas here for me, as I'm really learning the .

Oops, missed the end of that sentence. I'm getting up to speed on IPv6.
I've done plenty of network design and implementation of IPv4 and services.

I'm aiming to learn as much as I can on the home and WWAN network,
so I can implement what folks think at the best practices at work =)



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