getting DNS config to clients

Steve Bertrand iaccounts at
Thu Apr 17 11:11:32 CEST 2008

> I've been researching how we get the IPs of our DNS servers to our clients
> dynamically.
> So far we've looked at config RADVD and DHCPv6 on Linux ...
> What are the accepted/widely used 'standard' ways of setting up clients?
> Particularly clients that frequently move between differnt networks.

This is another fantastic question that I've wondered...but on the flip 

As a (small) ISP and a relay-type name registrar, who do you deal with 
that can provide me with IPv6 DNS entries at the domain registrar level?

For instance, this particular domain, is with, who can't provide me with IPv6 DNS slots at all.

For our hosting clients, we generally deal with OpenSRS, and 
unfortunately not personally had the time to investigate for IPv6 

Does anyone have recommendations of name registrars that are following 
the leadership of ICANNs IPv6 at the root level, and providing IPv6 DNS 
entries per domain at the sub-tld level?

I've had to personally fight with our DNS software to work coherently 
with IPv6, now we need a registrar that can point a domain to an IPv6 
only address.

Hell, I've noticed be down for periods of time...I can't 
be that bad for trying...


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