BCP: Slicing a /32 for an ISP

Kevin Loch kloch at kl.net
Mon Apr 14 17:30:13 CEST 2008

Michael Adams wrote:
> Mark Tinka,  14 Apr 2008 9:48:
>> * Drilling deeper into each PoP's assignment:
>> 		- /128 for Loopback addresses
>> 		- /112 used for routing & switching kit
>> 			* border
>> 			* core
>> 			* edge
>> 			* peering
>> 		- /112 used for production servers & services
>> 		- /126 used for WAN point-to-point links
> I'm eager to hear more opinions about this. We are going to use
> /64 for all kind of network interfaces including point-to-point 
> links and loopback interfaces. 

We use /112 for most things like router connections.  We use
/64 for server subnets only because I fully expect some future
broken hardware to be hard coded for /64 subnets.  Non-trivial
colocation customers and bandwidth-only customers get a /56
or /48.

As we are mostly a hosting operation RA is disabled everywhere except
places like customer lounges and corporate offices where you might
expect laptops and workstations to show up.

If only we could convince the IETF that we need VRRPv6 because
there are some places where RA is undesirable and/or harmful.
It's sad that we can't provision v6 service with the same redundancy
we can with v4 because of this insistence in the IETF that RA must be
used everywhere.  They even want DHCPv6 to use it?!

- Kevin

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