BCP: Slicing a /32 for an ISP

Christian Hahn hahn at berkom.de
Mon Apr 14 09:31:28 CEST 2008

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Steve Bertrand schrieb:
| Quick to the point:
| Has anyone done any documentation on how they decided to slice up their
| IPv6 allocation?
Hi Steve,

take a look at the following IETF Draft
It's on the way to become RFC and includes two case studies for address planing
for Enterprises and ISPs in the appendix. Hope this helps.

best wishes,

| I'm pulling hairs deciding on a tactical solution for the long-term in
| regards to how I should 'cut up' my /32.
| Can anyone here provide any feedback, positive or negative to the way
| they have done this?
| What did you use for core infrastructure? What did you divide off for
| remote PoPs? Did you cut up your /32 into /35's and work from there? etc
| etc.
| I can't find any decent documentation for what has worked for an ISP,
| and how 'they' did it, particular to a small ISP. (forgoing an argument
| about CPE assignment, I just want to know how people are assigning and
| delegating routing slots from the core to their edge).
| Before I can make a concrete decision (because the size of the space
| still intimidates me), I've been simply using 'my:32::x/64' type
| addresses for testing within a single subnet.
| Regards,
| Steve

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