Five Security Flaws in IPv6

David Conrad david.conrad at
Sun May 13 20:31:57 CEST 2007

On May 13, 2007, at 11:03 AM, Iljitsch van Beijnum wrote:
>> Currently IANA has 46 /8s left in the free pool, so that's -9 from  
>> the end of 2006.
> That's not how it looks from where I'm sitting, grepping for " 07",  
> I only see -7:

God I hate that registry.

First, 7/8 isn't really reserved/unallocated, it is actually  
allocated to DoD but they wouldn't let us update the registry to  
reflect that allocation.  Long story.  We're working with the RIRs to  
clean up that registry.

I had forgotten about 49 and 50, so the right answer is -8, however  
I'm told a /8 "special needs" allocation is due to arrive at IANA  
fairly soon, so -9 by the middle of the year is most likely accurate.

> The trouble with these stats as that they are so coarse. APNIC got  
> 5 /8s in january,

FYI: the RIRs have decided to request 2 /8s at a time from now until  
the free pool is exhausted.

> My personal prediction: unless unprecedented changes happen, we'll  
> be out of v4 somewhere in the second decade of the century, with  
> 2012 or 2013 being the most likely year for that to happen.

Optimist.  :-)

"Past performance does not guarantee future results."  The challenge  
with predicting the end of the worl^U IPv4 free pool is that socio- 
economic factors are almost certainly going to come into play (read:  


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