Congratulations: All 6bone prefixes are from finally out of BGP (Was: [urgent assistance] - Disappeared...)

Jeroen Massar jeroen at
Sat May 12 14:22:45 CEST 2007

Fergie wrote:
> Paging Bill Manning...
> Unfortunately, we've tried to reach Bill, as well as other folks at
> EP.NET to no avail, and this is impacting us quite negatively.

Congratulations, finally, after almost a year after the shutdown and
deprecation of the 6bone address space, returning it to IANA, all the
6bone prefixes are finally gone from the IPv6 routing tables at all
ISP's peering with GRH (which thus more or less gives a global IPv6 BGP
view)> show bgp 3ffe::/16 longer-prefixes>

(aka none ;)


pTLA:      3ffe::/24
Country:   us
NetName:   ROOT66/US-CA
ASN:       AS4555
Allocated: 1997-08-14
Last Seen: 2007-05-10 12:17:22

pTLA:      3ffe:800::/24
Country:   us
NetName:   ISI-LAP/US-CA
ASN:       4555
Allocated: 1997-08-14
Last Seen  2007-05-10 12:17:22

Thanks Bill for finally(!) shutting down the machines that you where
still using for announcing these prefixes. This definitely shows that
everybody is done experimenting with IPv6, expect for the upcoming Great
IPv6 Experiment of course ;)

For the folks still using only IPv4: Remember that Geoff Huston and Tony
Hain have now aligned their prognoses for IPv4 Address Depletion: 2009
is the new date, so if you are not doing IPv6 yet, you better start
doing something about it, or you will be too late, and everybody who did
do something about it, is going to point and laugh at you while
ridiculing you saying "we told you so", which is going to be quite a lot
of fun :)


(only partially kidding, but it was time that 6bone routes finally
disappeared, he can resurrect the rest of though)

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