Routing to ARIN from Teleglobe (2001:5a0::/32)

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> right in this thread.

So C&W is leaking the prefix to Teleglobe.  OCCAID will need to take that up
with C&W.

> Can this be confirmed from someone within OCCAID? If yes, why are they 
> being sent by C&W and Tiscali to their peers? And why does OCCAID take 
> paths like "30071 3257 8767" (8767 <-> 3257 is a peering, just like 
> 6453 <-> 3257) then? The story of not getting a full transit anymore 
> does not match up with any sources I have.

8767 (M-net), according to their registered AS object, receives full transit
from 3257, not simply peering:

mp-import:      afi ipv6.unicast  from AS3257  action pref=80; accept ANY
mp-export:      afi ipv6.unicast  to AS3257    announce AS-MNETDE

So, 8767 is downstream of 3257.

> I don't think any network is able to be transit-free in todays IPv6, 
> as there is no tiered structure among the ISPs today. If there was, an 
> R&D network with presence in US (and a little bit in Europe) would 
> certainly not be in the position to be transit-free.

Funny, there are a number of IPv6 networks that feel the same way, with a
smaller network and traffic level than OCCAID.  I don't think you or I are
to judge this.  I think OCCAID and the few that are not peering with OCCAID
need to work this out.

> Exaggeration, I apologize for that. Let's say ~25%, and don't start 
> telling me those were badly connected ASNs (France Telecom, Teleglobe).

If they can't reach OCCAID, which has a very large user base and content,
then yes, they are badly connected.  25%?  Sorry, I think we can both see
there are approximately 33 prefixes that OCCAID does not have in their table
that can be resolved with 2 or 3 additional peers.

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Randy Epstein

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