Routing to ARIN from Teleglobe (2001:5a0::/32)

Jeroen Massar jeroen at
Sat Feb 10 20:03:29 CET 2007

nenad pudar wrote:
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> I see  people resolving similar issues here(more particularly this one: 
> reachability issues  to Arin <>).
> I think there is enough info in my e-mail regarding source
> ,destination,as-path ,path taken etc

Mentioning a IPv6 /32 as a source is not useful, as that allows
absolutely no debugging, as one can't trace anyway

> <> (2001:5000:0:20::2)  52.230 ms  59.802 ms <> (2001:5000:0:8e::1)  52.367 ms
> 10  * * *

Ever thought of the return path?

OCCAID can't reach Teleglobe as it isn't in their routing tables.

Solution: let those two peer, or better: let ARIN pay (or otherwise
arrange) for transit.


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